5 Spring Office Decorating Ideas To Spark Your Creativity

5 Spring Office Decorating Ideas To Spark Your Creativity


5 Spring Office Decorating Ideas To Spark Your Creativity

The setting in which you work has a powerful influence on how well you’re able to work.  There are distinct positive impacts to creating a space that will enhance your abilities, make you comfortable, and support your productivity.

So why not make it your own?  Honestly, think about it.  Would you rather work in an office that has your own decor and intimate touches, or is just blank with no personality?

Spring Office Decorating Ideas

Of course, you’d rather make your space exactly how you desire.  So right now it’s spring.  Is your office in tune with springtime?  Let’s refresh your work space with some comfortable and adoring touches.

Having something uplifting, especially in tune with the specific time of year, can help bring out a happier side of you.  You’ll remember the joys outside of the office, and be able to relax knowing that you’re still experience things how you like.

Having something uplifting, especially in tune with the specific time of year, can help bring out a happier side of you.

Here are some fantastically adorable spring office decorating ideas that I just had to share.  Yes, the basic blooms in a glass vase will definitely lift the spirits in a room.

But we can go a little farther with some more inspirational creativity.  Ready?

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Sparkle Hustle Grow Boxes

Floral Initial Wreath

On the back of your door you can place something a bit more charming than just the typical welcome sign, or “mommy’s office.”  Have a letter of your first initial and brightly colored flowers that won’t dull too quickly.  I really like this one from the SimplySundayShop.

spring office decor floral wreath
Image courtesy of Simply Sunday Shop on Etsy.

Hanging Umbrella

Now maybe you don’t like wreaths.  Sure, they can be overdone.  But that doesn’t mean your door, or walls, have to be bare.

Good House Keeping has a few fun ideas for door hangings that are better than wreaths.  I really like this one of the umbrella because I had never seen it before!  Don’t have a vase?  Just hang your flowers in a parasol.

Umbrella Wreath
Courtesy of Good House Keeping

Empty Antique Frames

I’m all about having some classical looking antiques with a modern and light touch.  I also don’t like a million photographs at my desk because they can be distracting, in a positive way.  Ever caught yourself just gazing at pictures for long periods of time?  Even pictures you’ve seen a hundred times?

That’s why I like these empty frame ideas.  Not because they’re eliminating memorable moments through photographs.  But simply reminding us that there is joy even in the beauty of the frame.  Make sense?  This one from Home Talk is really cute.

Something Old, Something New Frame
Courtesy of Home Talk

Printable Peony Art Quotes

Now you don’t have to have empty frames all the time.  I know that’s not everyone’s thing.  So maybe you just find something pretty, inspirational, and lovely to adorn your walls?

The Happy Housie has some adorable printables that you can simply put in your favorite frames alongside anything else that inspires you.  Quotes are always inspirational, and adding a springtime touch is great.

Spring Printable Peony Quotes
Courtesy of The Happy Housie

Bell Jar Arrangements

I’m an avid Beauty & The Beast fan, so anything with a bell jar touch is an automatic favorite!  I thought this idea was great because you don’t have to worry about things tipping over in a vase.  Another plus is that you likely don’t have to clean this glassware very often either, like you do a vase.

This lovely idea from Cottage At The Crossroads is a favorite of mine.  You could put literally anything under your bell jar and still enjoy it’s beauty.  I saved the best for last.  🙂

Spring Under A Glass Bell Jar
Courtesy of Cottage At The Crossroads

Bringing The Office Together

You don’t have to be an interior designer or specialize in decorating in order to create a setting that supports your work.  Just make sure that you have decor that influences a joyfully positive atmosphere.  You need that a lot when you’re working hard on tough projects.

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When you don’t take the time to work in a place that you enjoy, how can you make your work successful?  Remember that taking just a little bit of time, setting aside a small budget, and putting some love into your work space will always benefit your dreams and aspirations.

Putting some love into your work space will always benefit your dreams and aspirations.

For a long time I wouldn’t allow myself the little joy of bringing home some fresh cut flowers and placing them on a table.  I thought that it was a waste of money and I could do far better things with my budget.

But I’ve slowly come to realize that the space you’re in and the setting you create for yourself is worth a little bit of spare change.  You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a complete office makeover.  Just $20 or $50 to uplift your work space will do just fine.

>> Get Intentional With Your Budget <<

The Blissful Family Budget

That said, I “splurged” on a $5 pack of fresh tulips from the floral department at the grocery store this week.  It’s lifted my spirits every time I see them.  And I’m going to do a little bit better about the intentions I have for my work settings.

How is your office decorated for spring?


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