How To Instantly Increase The Level of Joy In Your Life
Positive Inspiration

How To Instantly Increase The Level of Joy In Your Life

Over the years, we convince ourselves that we don’t have the things that will make us happy.  We don’t have opportunities coming to us.  And that’s why we think we don’t love our lives. This is so sad.  The truth is that you’re not allowing the very things that you love into your life.  You …

It's Never About Them It's Always About You
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It’s Never About Them And Always About You

Raise your hand if you know someone that is a constant complainer.  There are so many people in this world that live in a place of blame and victim-hood day in and day out.  This unfortunate circumstance runs deeply on one side of my extended family. What’s interesting though, is that these folks would die …

Perseverance When Your Actions Aren't Producing Results
Personal Development

Perseverance When Your Actions Aren’t Producing Results

One of the hardest things, especially for someone that consistently takes action and follows inspiration, is when the exact thing you know is right, actually doesn’t work at all. You get an idea.  You receive a clear sign from your intuition.  And your energy confirms that this is the thing to do. Then you act …