We’re told so much that we have to constantly focus on the future or things will never change.  I beg to differ.  This episode will challenge your belief about your focus on time and what truly matters when it comes to creating the life you want.  Is it more important to prepare for the future?  Come what may and love it?  Or intentionally prepare with all your might?

Join Sarah as  she talks about the Power of Now, wisdom from Eckhart Tolle, and how it may shift the rising tides in your life.  You’ll learn a way of better appreciating your blessings right now so that resistance to the future is all but eliminated.

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About Sarah Prince

Sarah is a Life Strategist, Coach, Speaker, Thought Leader, and Influencer across the world. Listen to her signature Breakthrough To Your Beautiful Life podcast each week as she inspires individuals to remember their true dreams and find fulfillment without sacrificing what they love.

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