Your Life Is Already A Fairy Tale

Episode 018 – Your Life Is Already A Fairy Tale

As children we grow up with dreams and a love for the heroes and supportive figures we wish to be.  Then we’ve grown and are told to let go of such notions and follow the “realistic” path, to forget our fairy tale dreams. Why would we be blessed with such energetic creativity, love, and aspiration, …

When Your Actions Aren't Producing Results

Episode 017 – When Your Actions Aren’t Producing Results

It’s so frustrating when we act on inspiration and everything seems to fall flat.  It sure can bring increased doubt and disbelief when we’re working to create lives we love.  Why does this happen?  What’s the reason for it?  How can we  keep moving on and keep our spirits high ? Join Sarah as she …

The Truth About Changing You Thoughts Parts 2
Personal Development

The Truth About Changing Your Thoughts: Part 2

So last time we talked about the first source of your thoughts—yourself.  The intentional self thoughts that we’re constantly referring to.  The thoughts that we’re constantly told to change, make more positive, and when we change them we’ll change our life. But what about the rest of our thoughts?  There are three more sources that …