Don't Hang Onto Hope

Episode 15 – Don’t Hang Onto Hope

If you’ve ever hoped that something will turn out right, did it ever?  Most of the time when you hope for something, you’re actually sending negative energy toward the outcome that you desire. There’s a more powerful way to speak and “hope” for things.  This episode will show you how to change your language and feelings …

The Right Way To Measure Success

Episode 14 – The Right Way To Measure Success

Most people measure their lack of success against odds of perfection, further degrading their belief in themselves.  What you’ve been taught about success is all wrong. You can be fully successful in all that you right now, without changing your circumstances or achieving big dreams instantly.  Listen in to learn exactly how you can reach …

Its Not About Them Its All About You

Episode 13 – It’s Not About Them, It’s All About You

So often we want to blame someone else for how we feel.  But the truth is that only you can control how you respond to an experience, no matter how negative.  In this episode you’ll learn the best ways to full own your energy so that another’s negativity cannot affect you as it once did. …